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Wyndham Rewards Diamond: Super 8 Utter Failure

Wyndham Rewards Diamond: Super 8 Utter Failure

Super 8 - Odessa, Tx - September 18, 2017 - $142/nt after taxes

I am a Wyndham Rewards Diamond Member through my Founder's Card Total Rewards benefit. Founder's Card holders are given Diamond Status through the Total Rewards program from all Caesar's Properties. That's worthy of it's own post, honestly, but we'll save that for another time. Caesar's and Wyndham have partnered and offer status match, so that's how I got the Wyndham Diamond status. According to that program, these are the perks:

Diamond Status Perks


That 10x multiplier along with the upgrade and general Wyndham property availability, I switched 80% of my stays to Wyndham. Fast forward to Monday the 8th: I've had this room reserved for several weeks if not longer. I show up at 6:40pm and, as usual, make sure my rewards number is on the reservation. It was and I asked her out of curiosity if it showed my status. She said that it didn't and while I didn't ask her to, she went ahead and looked for it. Seemed like it took a couple screens to get there. Hmmm.... how then do they even know to offer any perks. She told me that they don't offer any rewards from their program and that that was only offered "online." I have no idea what that means, but moving on. 

Next up, she tells me, at 6:40PM, that she doesn't think my room is ready yet, but she would check. So much for early check-in I guess. No problem, That's not a big deal to me since I was able to get in. At this point it's been a long day and I just want a shower and a bed. I check out the room. Looks clean enough, but then you see the stains. On the pillows. On the sofa cushions. Who knows what else. Again, no worries. I'm pretty low maintenance on these things. Good for the ol' immune system! Insult to injury time. Or, maybe injury to insult? I step, barefooted, on the meanest cockaburr of all time! If you aren't from the south, I'll just tell you that this feels a lot like stepping on a thumbtack that has barbs and hurts just as much pulling it out as it did going in. Pretty sure most of that barb just stays in, so it will go ahead and hurt for a while longer. I'm laughing at this point. AGAIN, no worries. It happens. These folks are busy flipping rooms and anyone could have missed it. Right? OK DAMN IT. Shower time. All will be set right in the world. 


If you aren't laughing at this point, you are reading my tone wrong. I draw the line at a cold shower. I reached out to the property with no return call. I reached out to Wyndham on Twitter through DM because I don't want to air all the issues all over their front page. Nice guy Kade. That's me. Here's how that went down:

  1. I told them everything I typed above.
  2. They said they'd call the hotel for me.
  3. They told me they don't help with reservation issues if I wanted to move hotels.
  4. They ignored me when I told them there were no other hotels and that I wanted to know if there was any compensation they could give me. 
  5. Ignored me a second time. 

So there you have it. Here are my questions to me and you:

  1. Is this on me? Did I go about the whole process wrong from check in? 
  2. Was I unpleasant in the way I handled it through the complaint process? 
  3. Am I actually entitled to any sort of compensation or do you just not even ask? 

That's it. Thoughts? 


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